ShopSAS - Awesome auger drills holes in the elderly's wallets

Clarksburg, West Virginia 1 comment

SAS Group, Inc.

220 White Plains Rd

Tarrytown, NY 10591-5818

Phone: (914)332-7878

Fax: (914)332-7859



and left a message for their president, Scott Sobo. Here are some more names you might want to try...

Name Title

Jackie Knapp Mktg. Mgr.

James Hastings Cntrllr.

Michael Sobo Pres.

Scott Sobo Pres.

Scott Zecker Natl. Sls. Mgr.

If Scott doesn't reply, I'll keep calling other members of his organization...and will post their names and phone numbers here for you to do the same.

This is by no means a threat. I think it's really important for a company to know when their customers are unhappy, and unless the message is received by the people who can order change...nothing will come of it.



:( I am so fed up with this co.They illegally charged my card, then sent me half of the product.

I sent it back and got a return receipt showing they got it back. They never gave me money back and that was in May of 2008.

Now I have to go from New York just to sue them in small claims court.

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